Dalia’s Art Story


Dalia Hartman Bergsagel 

2013-present: "This is my body telling me I need to paint more" Dalia's Art Beginning

This is precisely what I said at the doctor's office in the hospital on hearing I needed to undergo a mastectomy.  And then the spontaneity came back. The spontaneity which disappeared the moment I went to Art School so many years ago. So I started painting again the way I did as a kid and as a teenager - without worrying about who was going to like it, who was going to buy it, what colours other people will like. Painting from the heart, painting because I had the need, painting just what I felt like painting.t

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About my art

 People ask me what I paint. What do I say? 

Some of the art is abstract but some has people, birds, trees, buildings - does that make it figurative? Some is acrylic - some is collage, mixed media and some even has fabric incorporated in it, Some is merely decorative and some has messages and concepts in it -  does that make it conceptual? Some is large - some is small, some is in vibrant colours - some in less, some is  fast - some is painted over weeks and months. Some is very personal - some is not, Some I 'see' in my imagination beforehand - most just evolves as I work on them

 In the end, it's my art, which I enjoy but doesn't necessarily come easily to me! It's a journey of exploration. In the beginning I thought I need to find my voice but I now realise that I have a few voices, and that's OK.

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