My Art


What is Dalia's Art? 

 All  the pieces are original, one of a kind art. I sign my name as DaliaHB.

I see my art (Dalia's Art) as a journey of exploration. In the beginning I thought I need to find my voice but I now realise that I have a few voices, and that's OK. I create contemporary art, mainly abstract, mostly full of colour in acrylic, mixed media, printing and textile.

 The biggest change came when I had a mastectomy - that was the time to stop talking about that one day when I will have time to paint and just start doing it. Painting was therapeutic and helped me put things in perspective in a time of tremendous upheaval in my life from a few directions.

 I found myself revisiting thoughts and concepts which I have been carrying with me since I was a little girl.

The 'planet of ants' has occupied me since childhood. I used to wait in the street for my Mum to come back home from work. I observed the long lines of the busy ants and always wondered if there is anyone larger than us watching our moves just as I am watching the ants. Some of my work has stick figures which symbolise the ants for me.

 It was always clear to me that we are only a tiny, pretty insignificant, part of a whole universe yet so arrogant in our behaviour towards each other and towards the rest of the inhabitants on this planet.

 I was also fascinated but how strong Nature is and how quickly it takes over man-made environments and that shows up in some of my paintings.

 A lot of my art which features birds is about freedom and breaking free. Seagulls also make an appearance - they are my power animal, my protectors. I started imagining them in my guided meditation, attacking every morsel of bad cells with vehemence. 

 I also incorporate fabric, puzzles, doodles and pieces of old paintings and prints in my art. Sometimes my pieces are purely decorative, without any stories behind them. (Dalia's Art)

My textile work is mainly about making do with what there is - using up fabrics which I've been collecting for years. When I make a large quilt, for instance, I will always keep the small pieces in order to use in other work and sometimes I will use tiny tiny pieces and threads left over from other work.

  I hope you enjoy my art - please spread the word and tell people about it and if you wish to purchase, be in touch please. I am very happy to take commissions.



 September-October 2018 - A month long solo exhibition at the Tavistock Center, London

April 2018 - Anniversary celebration for Maggie's Cancer Center, West London

July-August 2017 - Love Camden, Swiss Cottage library

March-April 2017 - London Quilters exhibition, Swiss Cottage library

April 2016 - Solo exhibition, London NW3


2018 - Feature article in the Tavistock Center magazine

2018 - Camden New Journal and The Islington tribune. A piece about the exhibition in Maggie's Center

2017 - The British  Quilting and Patchwork magazine. A piece featured in an article about the London Quilters exhibition.

1988 - The Embroiderer's Garden by Thomasina Beck published by David & Charles - A piece commissioned for the book.

1987 - The International Annual of Letterhead Design - A letterhead for a lingerie company, Private Showing.  


AIGA(American Institute of Graphic Arts) - memories of quilt/HBJ - Certificate of Excellence, 1987

AIGA(American Institute of Graphic Arts) -Let Us Build Us a City/HBJ - Certificate of Excellence, 1986

AIGA(American Institute of Graphic Arts) - The Lullaby Songbook/HBJ - Certificate of Excellence, 1986

Bookbuilders West - Certificate of Excellence, 1988

Printing Industries of America - Certificate of Excellence, 1987

Communication Arts Group - Certificate of Excellence, 1986

Bookbuilders West - Certificate of Excellence, 1986

Alice in Wonderland/Walker Books - Kurt Maschler Award, 1988

The Golden Hoard/Orion Books - Kurt Maschler Award nomination, 1995





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